Halldor Helgason Lobster Promodel 157 (Wide) 2018


Halldor Helgason Lobster Promodel 157 (Wide) 2018

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In addition to his asymmetric promodel, Halldor equipped himself with a true twin promodel this year. The twin is even more performance-orientated and gets ripped by Halldor on the real big features.

Riding Style
Originally created for hardcore freestyle riding in the park, Halldor’s Twin-Promodel just rules everything. You will feel its bossy response and stability even in a powder kicker session.

In the park there’s only one true shape and that’s the true twin. The Halldor Pro of course comes with a Twin 3BT shape with a symmetrical tip and tail. Balance and stability no matter which direction you take off or land. The new SideKick Tips increase the edge uplift on the widest points of nose and tail for easier turn initiation, more float and better handling in rough terrain.

The Twin 3BT consists of a relatively wide centerbase and just a mellow sidebase uplift. This helps you keep control on presses and at high speed. The medium camber is perfectly dosed for flexible rail riding and poppy enough for hitting kickers.

The medium flex is well-balanced and provides you with massive pop for massive airtime and stability. And even on rails it won’t let you down.

A poplar and paulownia wood core is streaked with bamboo along the rails and additionally reinforced with tri-axial fiberglass. This means massive pop and stability. 3 horizontal carbon slabs beneath each binding provide a precise power transmission from edge to edge. The sintered Ultra Glide S base is hard and fast, but wax it good!

Size : 157CM

Stiffness : 5

Profile : Medium Camber

Shape : Twin 3BT + SideKick Tips