Fischer Ranger 108 Ti 2016

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Fischer Ranger 108 Ti

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: A17015 Κατηγορίες: ,


Length : 174cm

Binding :

Sidecut : 140-108-130

Fischer have changed their Ranger collection for the 2015-16 winter ski season both in looks and construction, adding a bit more rocker to the tip which is now reinforced with carbon, making it lighter, whilst keeping its strength.

We raved about the 106 last season during our reviews, so our expectations were high even before we clicked into the bindings of the 108.

We weren’t disappointed, although they don’t quite feel as powerful as last year’s ski – they do, though, turn very easily for a ski of this size and width. In fact, they are incredibly easy to turn, mostly due to the new rockered tip.

Edge hold is very very good on-piste and really for a pretty wide freeride ski they handle groomed slopes amazingly well. They are fun to ride, and as you’d expect, in the deeper stuff they glide through it like a chop stick through tofu.

The new cosmetics are definitely an improvement on the more utilitarian look of the old model and at least provide the potential buyer an insight into what they might be experiencing when on the snow, which is a versatile freeride ski that loves the powder but will carry you home with distinction at the end of the day.

Fischer have also managed to reduce the retail price from last too and whilst they aren’t the cheapest skis on the market, they do provide robust value for money considering the quality construction and materials that goes into them.

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